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"Now Playing" Recommandations

Hi there,

I just installed the latest beta of Winamp 5.5 and figure around with the new Bento GUI. It's great! Beside some redrawing bugs it really helps to improve the music experience.

But what I still don't get is the "Now Playing" feature:
First it takes so long to load the content that most of the tracks are over before some additional informations are displayed - And I get 2 error messages by MS IE6 (global_artist undefined). In very rare situations I get additional informations about the artist, some more albums of him and similar artists which might fit more or less. This is nice, right. But not essential.

What I'm thinking about is to bring "Now Playing" to a level, where it is the top choice to have it open while playing music. This means to display _all_ available track informations from the ID3-Tag (!) on a broad layout, with the ability to directly edit. This means to add Album Artist, Tracknumber, Disc-Number, and Comment. Below that I would like to see more tracks by this artist found in my Local Media (!), more of his albums, more of this label, maybe more of this genre or more of this year (free your mind). But I just want to see what I have in my library.

If you like to add "Similar Artists", "Artists Bio", and "Album Review" it's fine. But i should not slow down the redraw of the information page. And I need to see the informations, tracks, and links between them right at loading time.

At the current state it's not very usable, informative, and fucking slow. One can't simply use it. But it has potential! Simply connect the things I already have and it's fine.
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Yeah I'm getting really fed up with this slow winamp startup crap. Seriously, regardless of uninstalling the ipod service or the sonic thing... it still take 2 minutes at least to start up. I was fine with the modern skin until these betas came along. 5.5 loads slow too? Cute, you lost a paying customer winamp, the llama is kicking your ass.
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Two minutes? What are you on about...even my old laptop is able to open Winamp in a couple of seconds.

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Hi there (back again...),

no, two minutes not for starting Winamp but to load up "Now Playing" informations. And they are not very interesting at all. So I would recommend a new sense for this feature: Displaying connections to other songs I already have on my HDD. This should not take long time to select.

So, is there anybody who uses the current "Playing Now" feature? Or can anybody explain me why it's not working the way I wish? - which to me is absolute obvious.
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