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I resent how winamp 5.5 was shoved down my throat.

Topic says it all pretty much. After about a week of X'ing out of it I finally said (out loud) "FUCK! ALRIGHT ALREADY, JESUS." and installed it. Differences in my usage? Improvements in my quality of living? New girlfriend? None.

I hope that doesn't happen again because it was *really* annoying.

("Check for new versions of Winamp at startup" is unchecked, by the way. )
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Strange. I've never had that happen to myself.
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Sounds like you clicked on the stuff it down my throat box.
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Originally posted by sgtfuzzbubble99
Strange. I've never had that happen to myself.
Must be some of that magic stuff. You know, like that wizard story with the Dumberdork or whatever and he's got, like, a scar in the shape of a penis on his forehead or something...

IM--did you want a new girlfriend, was it offered? Tell me more. I should know.

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