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"Bug Report"

Yeah ... so there are now two buttons in the windowshade mode, with an "i" and a magnifying glass ... and despite the fact that the windowshade mode should be stripped and minimal, these buttons actually take precedence in resizing over other features that are actually pertinent to WA's core functionality - like - the playing of music.

But come on people, there's already too little control over, and too much junk included in the windowshade mode. How about some "view" options to turn off these and other windowshade features, such as ie. the little tiny-oscilloscope/visualizer bar. Totally does not add much to my windowshade experience.

Up with customizability, down with trousers and all that.

Also, if this is the wrong forum, please moderator it to wherever it should be.
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Look it up

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Not a bug. It's by design and is what was "negotiated" via the devs and the AOL hierarchy.

Anyway, if you want to remove/change the two new buttons, see HERE for standard mode and see HERE for Windowshade mode.

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