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just curious, i read that in winamp 2.72 most if not all decoder bugs are now resolved - but, im still using winamp 2.6 with the fhg decoder from winamp 2.22, and i was just curious whether that decoder is affected by the bug which caused problems with lame-encoded mp3s? (or was it just narrowed down to nitrane)?

if anyone can answer that, please reply

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The decoding engine of Winamp v2.22 is based on the Fraunhofer MP3-decoder (as you probably know, the Fraunhofer institute in Germany actually invented and developed the MP3-format), so its sound quality is very solid. Yet it has some bugs, e.g. that nasty "playlist-jumping-bug-when-using-VBR-files". It also uses quite a lot CPU power, IMHO .
That particular bug with LAME-encoded MP3s you are referring to is not present in the in_mp3.dll taken from Winamp v2.22. It was "just" a bug that is present in the original version 2.72 of Winamp's MP3-decoder. Yet the v2.72 release is bundled with a fixed version of the decoder (called 2.72b).
You should not have any problems with your current Winamp setup at all, if you ask me .


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And there was another bug when decoding LAME files that was only present in Nitrane (which is the one I expect you were referring to), which was present up through version 2.65. If you happen to want a version of the Nitrane plug-in that fixes that bug, go to http://www.winampheaven.com and download the in_mp3.dll version 2.34 from the old versions page.
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thanx for replying

thank u very much both for replying
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