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shoutcast in dedicated server without winamp

Hello, im new in domain , i have an icecast radio but much bugs , iwanna change to shoutcast , but dont know how to do ! so i have some questions :

before i give you my configuration :

- i have dedicated server (debian)
- i stream only music without talking : mp3 in dedicated server

my questions : how to stream music with shoutcast from server ( music in server too ) without using winamp ( all tutorials that i found only shoutcast+winamp ) , do i have to use winamp to stream music ?

what is the difference technical between icecast and shoutcast ? in icecast im using icecast server and ices but both in server i create folder of mp3 and i create my playlist , how can i do the same with shoutcast i just wanna stream a folder of music without anything else ?

my goal is : music in folder in server + shoutcast and stream my folder

Thank you so much and sorry if my english is so bad
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hello no one to answer me please?
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Install debian 32 bit
Install shoutcast v1.98
use older version of sc_trans to stream your MP3 automatically (I don't remember exact version)

I've using this setup for 9 years without problem.
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Install the latest shoutcast from http://shoutcast.com/BroadcastNow. Install savonet/liquidsoap and configure it to your liking. You can use liquidsoap to play playlists.

Shoutcast v1.98 and sc_trans are no longer supported.
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Not really sure if I should call liquidsoap as supported... the email-list sucks totally - many outdated posts in there. It has some nice features but it lacks of an very important feature -> reload the own scripts without a restart of the whole instance!

Maybe for a very very simple radio station it should do the job but for time scheduled pre-recorded shows or with shows with different live-djs, which is is running out of a weekly perdiod is liquidsoap more than crap. You have to restart the whole daemon and you will lose all listensers while every restart --> sucks!

At the end the transcoder does the best job since some years...
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debian, dedicated server, shoutcast, without winamp

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