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msg:thread::start() - Could not start thread

Hey guys, i have a weird issue with SC Transcoder.
When I run the transcoder from shell, everything works fine.
When I run the transcoder from PHP using "exec" command, it still works fine, as long
as i run the PHP file from shell.
but only when i access the php file from http, i get the following error:

The server runs fine, but the Transcoder falls for some reason.
I'm running Apache on fcgi and the user\group are obviously the same as the file
owner (otherwise it wouldn't run at all)

spent too many hours on that one and can't think of anything.
perhaps someone knows why would the transcoder drop that error?

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other than trying to disabling logging to the screen (see http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...ogging_Options) it's not a scenario which running sc_trans had been tested against.

so it's likely a bug with it (is why it's beta) as you've also not mentioned what 'server' you mean (v1, v2, something else?). but if it is a bug, then if the suggestion doesn't work, you'll need to start it in the mode that doesn't cause it to error as there's unlikely to be an sc_trans update any time soon.
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