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My Posting Habits

OK y'all, now back in the day I was infamous for my pumping. I managed to make a lot of enemies whilst I was on my pilgrimage to achieve forum king. Luckily the kind folks at pabuk counseled me, held an intervention for me, and I was able to accept the fact that I was a post pumper. I like to think that I have changed my ways, but I need outside opinions. Now I know I post shit every now and then, but it is all in good fun, at least consciously. To me, I treat these forums as a conversation, and in conversations with friends sometimes I like to just throw random shit out. Maybe because I think it is funny, or maybe I just like hearing myself talk, idk. Anyways, what do you think of my posting habits? Am I a good member of these here forums, or would the forms be a better place if I stopped joking around so much? I am looking for honesty, but please no direct insults (except for you germ). Constructive criticism only please.

(look ma! no spelling errors!)
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