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DNAS Hardware recommendations?

Sorry if this is a dumb question or answered elsewhere - but:
What is the recommended level of hardware required for setting up a DNAS server? i.e. What are minimum & optimum processor specs, ram requirements, etc. I'm wondering how many listeners I could realistically expect to be able to connect to one server - and is there a ratio of listeners against server specs etc - or vice versa - which I could use to work this out.

We expect to hit periods of very high listener numbers if we go ahead with our project and we need to know what kind of capacity we could actually expect. We will establish internet capacity to the levels we require. I'm just concerned with how much one server can handle here.

Also, has anyone any experience with handing off excess traffic to additional servers - i.e. load sharing?

Any info appreciated.

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Most modern machines should be able to run the SHOUTcast DNAS software relatively easily. If you want large volumes of users your main issue is going to be bandwidth. For example; using a 100Mbps link (which is pretty damn fast for UK Broadband) and a stream of 128kbps (which is reasonable quality) you can only handle around 800 listeners. ((100*1024)/128 = 800). I should also mention, that you need to take in to account its the UPLOAD speed that matters, not down. So at home, I have a 10Mbps down, but its only 512kbps up.

So, a stab in the dark from my perspective on hardware;

CPU: Intel/AMD Dual Core ~2GHz (not the preferred measurement of CPU strength these days mind). Try getting something like an older Core 2 Duo (E6600 area) if you dont want to spend too much, or invest in a Core i5. Ill admit, ive fallen behind on AMDs chips, but I believe they still have the AMD Athlon X2s which are reasonable server chips.

RAM: 1GB (2GB would be better if you're using windows) (Also, preferrably DDR2 and if you get 2GB get it in 2x1GB sticks so you can run it in dual channel mode. If you want to upgrade later however and you only have to DIMM bays, then just get the single stick - its your call)

HDD: Irrelevant if its a dedicated SHOUTcast server since the app is so small. If you want logs for high volume, at least 40GB for a dedicated server and larger if you are using anything else.

Hope that clears some stuff up and again, this is literally a guestimate and in no way should be taken as solid and tested.

Just thought of one more thing, this is the server spec im running it on;
Dual CPU Intel Xeon Dual Core (cant remember model) @3.06GHz (yes, 2 CPUs, its a server board and totally overkill for SHOUTcast :P)
2x 36GB SCSI 10000rpm drives (again, overkill since this wasnt the original planned usage of this machine)
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