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Does anyone notice that the whole system slows down after about two hours of constant play? I have to switch to playing from a CD player during a live performance to reboot the system and restore responsiveness. All that is running is Winamp under Win 98. (it happened under 95 as well all the way back to version 1.6)
It soesn't seem to matter which machine i use - The fastest is only a PII 266 but has 160MB of RAM. Do I need a PII 600? I am using the newest verson of Winamp and there is no improvement.
Tired of rebooting.
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Things like that should not happen at all, I've used WinAmp on a P90 with 32MB Ram and Win95, no problems whatsoever...
What soundcard and stuff do you have?
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Winamp seems to have a slow and continual memory leak. the longer you use it the more ram (and swapfile) it takes. Instead of rebooting, just close it, and watch the "de-swapping" take place

Please fix this, guys!
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just upgrade to 2.62. the only memory leak winamp had was fixed. i run winamp for weeks at a time on win98 and win2000 machines, and none of the machines have ever had to reboot because of winamp.
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It remains a mystery. I will say that on my new PIII 600 MHz laptop with Windows 2000 it ran for eight hours and showed no reduction in responsiveness.
I am now running my old Pentium 233 laptop through a 100 song playlist with the System Monitor running to track CPU Memory and Page Faults. So far when I open up a Drive Window to look for another song to play (A typical thing to do at a party) the page faults go to about 20 per second for two seconds and the CPU goes to about 50 percent. Its only been 20 minutes though.
I am determined to find out what causes the system to slow down after about two hours of continuous play. Obviously I am one of only a few who have ever had this happen, but it has occurred on five different PC's that I've used over the years for DJ'ing events.
I do not blame Winamp for this - It might be a plug-in or just my configurations( I use the old crossfader a lot)- maybe that is the culprit).

I Will post my results in the morning.
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