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READ ME: If you blindly clicked next while installing Winamp

First off, if Winamp installed something you didn't want, it was your own fault. When you install Winamp it gives you the choice to install only what you want.

So here's a guide to installing Winamp that even a dumbass can understand.

This is self expanitory. It gives you a quick overview of what you can install with Winamp.

The license agreement. If you don't agree to any of this, just click cancel and find yourself another player.

This is where you decide where you want Winamp to go on your computer. If you want it somewhere else, say so.

Now this is the tricky part, so I've outlined most of the things for you so you don't have to go clicking on stuff.

Winamp (required)
Winamp agent (Winamp system tray tool)

Multimedia Engine
-Audio playback (Contains various audio codecs to install)
-Video playback (Contains various video codecs to install)
-Audio encoders (Audio encoders required for CD ripping)
-Output (Audio processors)
-Sonic Ripping/Burning Support
-Signal processor studio plugin (add effects to songs)

Winamp Library (If you don't want the ML, uncheck it, it's right THERE)
-Winamp Media Library
-Core ML Components (Playlists, Now Playing, etc)
-Transcoding Tool (Convert one file to another)
-Replay Gain (Make all your files have the same volume)
-Winamp Dashboard (Homepage portal for the ML)
-Auto tagger (tag your files for you)
-Podcast Directory (subscribe\download pod casts)
-Remote Media (Access your ML from other PCs etc)
-Online Media (Access online media)
-Playlist Generator (Generate acoustically dynamic playlists)
-Portable Media Player support (Support for Ipods and the like)

User Interface Extensions
-Global Hotkey Support
-Extended Jump to File support
-Nullsoft Tray Control
-Modern Skin support

-Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen
-Advanced Visualization Studio
-Milkdrop2 (pure sex)
-Line in support

Okay, you see how all that stuff has little boxes next to it? That means you can uncheck anything you don't want installed. Whether it be the ML, Vis plugins, modern skins, etc. So don't write a post bitching about how you got the ML and you didn't want it.

So once you get everything that you want checked, you can click next and move on to the next step.

Do you want a desktop shortcut, or a start menu shortcut? No then uncheck the fucking boxes nimrod.

See all those check boxes there? If you don't want that stuff, uncheck it. If you get an E-Music icon on you desktop, it's YOUR fault.

That's it, you're done. Well almost.

This is what you get the first time you launch Winamp. Don't fret. Just pick the skin you want, click next and select the files you want associated with winamp.

Then give a little information (or not it's your choice).

Now. With all that said. If you have ANYTHING other than Winamp installed that you didn't want. You had the chance to not install it.

Have a nice day.
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