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Foobar2000 and Clementine support.

Since there's not many good open source music players for Windows (besides Clementine), can you please make MilkDrop work with foobar2000? Thank you.
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milkdrop works perfectly with foobar, have been using them together for years. just get the shpeck component for foobar, and bob's your mum's brother (actually, he is...)

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Although I don't want to install Clementine or foobar2000, I still like this video:

MilkDrop 2 in Foobar2000

I accept, that other people want to install foobar2000 instead of Winamp, but I hate some groups with the extremists and especially the extremists themselves, who say only bad things about Winamp and nothing else. If they hate Winamp, they don't need to use Winamp, nobody forces them to do that, but they should leave us True Winamp Fans alone...

I wish You good luck with Milkdrop in foobar2000 and Clementine...

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