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I have:
56k modem, Explorer 5.0, Windows 98, Aptiva AMD-K6. 184MB RAM.
7028MB of space on my hard drive.
65% system resources free.

I am playing a 48kbps / 16Khz radio stream from Shoutcast, and I am ONE of the TWO listeners (max 38) tuned in.

The stream jitters like a jackhammer for a while, and then buffers. This happens about every minute or so.
This is the only thing I am running right now, apart from typing this stuff of course!

Options: Process priority class - Realtime

Input: Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 2.7
Decode Thread Priority - Highest
Streaming Data Buffer - 84KB
Streaming Prebuffer at start of stream - 100%
After a buffer underrun - 100%

Output: Nullsoft waveOut plug-in v2.2
Buffer Length 10000ms
Priority - Time Critical
Max blocks - 8
Max block size - 32kB
Min blocksize - 8kB

I also disabled the 'smooth scrolling' option in Internet Options. I don't know a whole lot about this sort of thing, so I've probably included more info than is needed, but I thought it might help anyway...
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks )
P.S. I just got booted off the net, as I was typing that last sentence.

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The problem is that you are trying to play a 48kbps stream. You only have a 56k modem, and even though you may be connected at 53.3 max, your sustainable throughput is less than 48. There are all kinds of factors, the biggest of which is internet traffic. Now if you and the server were the only 2 people on the internet, then maybe you could play it without problems. But that ain't gonna happen, so if you still wanna listen to that 48kbps stream, you're gonna have to live with the skips. For 56k modems, I suggest listening to 32kbps (or less) streams.
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