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Streaming video looks great

I'm amazed at how the Nullsoft staff has managed to incorporate such high quality streaming video into the Winamp software. I've played the videos on the Winamp website, and I am very impressed with the visual quality, quick buffering, and smooth playback. I tried the 800kbps Outcast video on a DSL connection, and it actually played without any skips. I've tried playing 750kbps Windows Media and RealOne streaming videos, and they always seem to skip and buffer during playback. Kudos to the staff for creating a great alternative to the mainstream players.
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It's not so much the player as the format - NSV was designed to incorporate any combination of audio and video codec, the ones on winamp.com use VP3 and MP3, which provides similar quality to MS or Real's offerings, whilst being more open (VP3 is open-source).

I hear the NSV decoding in winamp3 actually has a few bugs in, so it should get even better in the next few releases .

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