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Winamp solution, open source?

Winamp is dead. I am sorry, it hurts me a lot, but it is dead. Who uses it? Which young people remember it?

I love Winamp a lot and I don't want to see its death. I propose a solution: turn code to open source, at least a part. If not, who will remember Winamp in a couple of years?
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People can ask until they are BLUE in the face Winamp will never be open source
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from time to time this question arises for many.
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Honestly I don't think very many people under 40 remember Winamp.

Hard to believe what a beast it once was. I guess that's what happens when technology changes. MP3 is basically a dead format. Streaming is now a thing. Most everything can be found on youtube.

15 years ago who would have ever thought optical discs would be outdated!

Really unsure what Radionomy wants to do with it at this point. Even if hell freezes over and they release Winamp 6, will it be the Winamp we know and love? Doubtful.
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