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Noticed something disturbing in Winamp 2.73 while playing large playlists. The 1st 20 or so songs play fine then I have pauses in between almost every song with HD activity.

I fired up "System Monitor" and put "Memory Manager: Unused Physical Memory" onto the chart and loaded up my playlist.

My initial unused physical memory was 61Mb which dropped to 55Mb as soon as I loaded Winamp and the playlist which is to be expected. However over the next 45 minutes without so much as moving the mouse I watched my free memory drop steadily to 13Mb at which point I captured a screenshot.

After an hour and a half my free memory was zero so I added my swap file in use to the chart and watched it rise steadily with each song played.

Can someone test this on their system and let me know the results? If it is reproduceable you should see your memory drop a few Mb with each song played. So you wont have to wait the 45 min like I did.

Celeron 400
128Mb Ram
20Gb HD

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it is happing to me to

i am running an amd 550mz with 96mg of ram and it fills that and will fill my hole hard drive with v-mem. so i rebooted and started sys mon. and watched ram fly out the door. I dont like this at all
i first saw this happining running 2.72 so i upgraded to 2.73 and it is still going on.
it starts after 30 min. of play. what the hell is going on?
this is very anoying
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splash1 and syn976 -

You might read this thread (especially Air's post) and see if it applies to your situation:


Generally, Winamp itself does not cause any memory leaks. That type of problem is usually caused by Windows (as mentioned in the above thread) or by poorly-written third-party plugins.
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Thanks for the help:

I removed all the plugins other than Winamps. But was still losing memory at a steady rate. So I checked my Vcache settings and sure enough I didnt have my min max defined. I must have forgotten to put them in on my last re-install.

But to sum up ... problem fixed.

Thanks again,
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