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pmp_usb functionality - sync ratings

Usually I troll a little more in forums before asking questions however I wanted to see if something like this is being looked into or if I could get some info on where specifically to look.

I have a Nexus One, I use the phone to play music pretty much wherever I go. It replaced my gps, laptop(most of the time) and mainly my ipod. The ipod plugin ml_ipod has the functionality to be able to sync the ratings and playcounts. I want to know if there are any examples of this or if the source for pmp_usb is openly available. I plan to modify the music player in the android OS to update the play counts and add a rating functionality to it but not sure how the rating/play count is added to the track, is it a flag on the audio file itself or is there a database stored somewhere on the device? I'm curious about the pmp_usb plug-in because it appears to only have the functionality of removing files from a memory card as well as adding new ones.
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code for pmp_usb (and pmp_andriod which is derived from pmp_usb) aren't available to my knowledge (and probably won't be). how much will be done on them to improve handling of rating / playcount to be synched is something i don't know and you'd just have sit it out and see what happens with future client updates. or you could make your own implementation so it could then do it all.

ml_ipod is able to do it since it has full control over such things and due to how the ipod works it tracks such things so it's a matter of adding to a database whereas usb devices typically don't have that (especially if it's just an external hard drive) which is why there is such a difference).

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thanks for the input, I will probably look into implementing a database to write to from the music application in android.
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Player pro can sync ratings, play count from Winamp to android and back using the ML plugin.


Would be really really good if the winamp android app or winamp plugin could do this natively.
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