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Need a bit of help using Winamp For Halloween

Ok, not sure if this is the right forum for this, but anyways. I know this is a bit less cost effective than doing other stuff, but maybe one of you plugin writers can help me.

I have some old computers and sound equipment, and since I already have the stuff I won't be spending money on it. I'm an electronic tech and I wanted to rig something up for a Halloween prop.

Basically I want to either play the next song or play a random sound from a playlist on a key press ( or better, if a plugin guru wants to help, an input from the LPT port )

Here's my dilemma, if I turn on manual playlist advance, I also have to hit play to make the sound play. Then, when it reaches the end of the list ( or plays all the files in shuffle) it continues to only repeat playing the last song on the playlist ( whereas I want it to recycle the playlist and start from the top again), but as anyone that knows about manual playlist advance, knows that in that mode, repeat will cause it to keep repeating the same playlist item over and over until you press stop.

Basic flow of operation here:

1. Keypress or LPT input
2. Advance to next track in playlist
3. If the advance reaches the end of the playlist, start from the top
4. Play the track
5. Stop at the end of the current track
6. Repeat

Anyone got any good ideas ?

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Get a remote control for the PC (like used on Media Centre editions)

OR - just make do with wireless mouse, and make sure you have a clear view of the Winamp control window. A wireless keyboard would be even better as then you have the hotkeys available for more control.

I doubt you will find someone to write you a one-off custom plugin to do what you request
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Hi Nightwolfx03,

If you are open to unattended control, I suggest the following:

1. You use a plugin or plugins that will load and play a short playlist when Winamp
starts and shutdown Winamp when the playlist ends.

2. Time how long it takes from startup to complete shutdown.

3. Use Windows Task Scheduler to create a group of tasks that start Winamp. Set
each task to start Winamp at a different time, separated by the time you determined
in step 2.

The plugins are available, such as DrO's "Time Restore & Autoplay" for loading and
starting a playlist (straight or randomised) when Winamp starts and Alexander
Lototsky's "Shutdown". Step 3 is easy to do, if you need help post back. It may even
be possible to create 1 Winamp startup task that re-runs at the rate you need.
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