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I wanted to tell you about the Enhancer! plugin. The reviewer didn't like it but I downloaded it anyway and it paid off. This is a DSP plugin on the order of DFX and Wowthing. It's specialty is providing much deeper bass than using the Equalizer alone. It really seems to give headphones a subwoofer type sound. It can boost treble and create a wider stereo image. You can vary the size of your "subwoofer boxes" in .cms is adjustable. I lkie it because unlike DFX my speakers don't have a "boxey" with it. There's an overload indicator that flashes red if the sound is distorted as well. My favorite combination is to use Enhancer! with Bob's Stereo Delay and Muchfx2. Make Enhancer! first in the Muchfx2 window followed by Bob's Delay and whatever else you'd want to expereiment with. BTW: this is from someone who paid for DFX and used to use it.
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I really agree with you about Enhancer, it rocks
You may also want to check out the Dee plug-in http://viper.pl/~da/download.html
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berk !

If there are two very bad enhancers for winamp then it is Arboretum realizer and Enhancer!
DEE is the best ! YO !
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Dee is great

I using Dee right now... better than DFX in my opinion. Softamp is okay... but cannot figure out how to tweak it...
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I had tried Dee and found too much distortion in the bass. After reading your post I went back and took a look at the website, turns out I was using an old version. I tried the latest 1.11 beta 2 and to my surprise Dee is better overall than Enhancer and DFX! Thanks for the tip!
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