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Copyright of PICTURES captured from milkdrop

ok about not using a preset made by someone,

but i think that they can't copyright a screenshot of one of their presets.

if i want to use MD to make textures, and release it in a crazy fun indy game, i dont want to call 20 or 60 users to ask them if i can screenshot their preset!!!!!!!!!!

id just pirate them and they can sue me!!! why????

because: there is no art program where a guy could say.... you cant publish that picture it's made with my free plugin for that program and any pictures from that plugin belong to me.

especially if they guy didnt even include any copyright notice in the distribution of his free art program settings file.

so say one of you was insane and rich enough to sue an indy guy for some pics of your .Milk file.....

what's the chances? 1/10000 or worse?

you will reposess my house?
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I really don't see how anyone could sue you. Screenshot images are not fixed in a tangible medium. That's required for copyright protection.

The right law for exerting rights in intellectual property of this kind would be a patent. There is no copyright for a process. That is, the process of drawing a pretty picture in a certain way.

There is another problem. If a copyright isn't registered, you can't seek statutory damages. That is, to prevail in a lawsuit you'd have to sue for actual damages. Actual damages have to to measurable. Did your use of a screenshot interfere with the authors ability to make money on the screenshot? And if so, exactly how much? You can't just make up a number. If the author can't say, the number is zero.

I can't see getting sued, but it would just be easier to ask permission and give proper credit some place.

I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advise.
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And I have currently 3865 Winamp-Screenshots on my harddrive, made with IrfanView, mostly with the very nice Milkdrop 2 Visuals, and I use only Bento and no other Winamp-Skin. A little part of them is in Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket, deviantART. I have also cut some screenshots to get cover- and background-images. The original size of my screenshots is 1920x1200 pixel...
I don't see problems now, if I am not wrong. If there would be problems, then there would be also problems with the screenshots of the well-known platforms, because these screenshots show not only the own profile, also the platform itself. The big platforms had been created by a team of people. Do these people own the copyrights for the designs of their platforms / websites? Then there would be also a problem to post screenshots of the own profiles, because these screenshots show also the platforms themselves...
We should return to the original topic now: Copyright of PICTURES captured from milkdrop. And this is a very interesting question, of course. Similiar questions have been posted many times also around permissions to use Milkdrop for YouTube, and there are many "Winamp-Milkdrop-Videos" in YouTube. A few of these music-videos are from me...
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commercial use of winamp screens is a grey area... because there is no license info incuded on the preset code, it means no effort has been made to protect them. so they are of unspecified ownership other than the tag of the programmer.

that said someone could be abit mental and take screens of guys presets and then sell them on an image database... and the authors of the preset may see some thing that he worked on being sold and be like FFS my stuff is not for sale... and actually i think in the law if he spend alot on lawyers chances of getting rights to photos of his presets would be not sure, although who knows.


here is a cvool link anyways, i think you can run MD in 3200 3200 pixels with that and get nice screens from it.
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i wonder if it's okay to use some of these beardy old pics:
http://milkdrop.co.uk/screenshots.htm... lol, just kidding, I'll do it anyway
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