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Winamp & World Of Warcraft

well there is about 9 000 000 potential users around the world and most of them r looking relyable addon to play mp3 files in world of warcraft. weakest point in them is playlisting wich dosent support out of installation folder loading so u need hold all ur mp3 files in wow directory or dublicate them and both are bad to bussiness. so is there anychance that blizzard and nullsoft could make somekind winamp in game addon or support?


Ps: sorry from typos my english is not perfect
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WoW addons are quite limited as you say. The way I know of which works right now is with global hotkeys. Otherwise, you'd be looking at some winamp plugin that did directx overlay (like how xfire does ingame chat). And afaik, thats no small undertaking... dll injection into WoW runtime, liasing with Blizzard so that they don't have Warden flag the dll injection as a hack.

Seems like quite a lot of work when some global hotkeys will do most of the job.

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So how would you do Global Hotkeys? I tried to use the ones I would us out of WoW that winamp has but it did not work. That is why I ask a stupid question...lol Thanks for your time.
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