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winamp, shoutcast and accessibility


I hope you will have the patience to read that, I'm not a great story teller. :-)

Before starting, I may say that I'm visually aimpaired and using a screen reader to work under Windows.
A long time ago, I was used to use the media library to listen to shoutcast streams. It was presented in a nice listview, with the possibility to select the genre etc, it was nice with my screen reader. But, now, in the new winamp and media library, this one seems to use html components and it's really harder to navigate in to choose a radio stream. Ok for that. YOu will tell me, there're other tools to listen to radio streams and keep winamp only for playing media files, which work pretty well for that. But, I have bought a system that allows me to transmit audio for my pc to my sound system using the household electrical wiring. it is the Devolo audio Extender. and under Vista, the other tools I'm using (Screamer-radio for example) seem not to be really compatible with that system. The sound get distorted and it's the same results with all players I've tested, except Winamp when used in conjunction with the output plug-in "SQR ADVANCED Crosfading output. With this one, it workds really well, I don't inow why, althouhg I suspect Vista to be the cause of my problems since everything works under XP but anyway. Since I can listen to radio streams only with winamp and this plug-in, I'm looking for a way to have all the shoutcasts radio streams listed in an accessible way, something that I could use with my screen reader. Do you know of a plug-in that could help me? I could make a playlist of my favourites radios but it's rather long to do and difficult to maintain updated. So please, if you have any clues, it will be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Sof, I'm assuming you are reasonable up to date with latest version (current is v5.541).

The Radio listings have had a make over and are now much closer to the style of the host Shoutcast site.
You can revert to the old style Media Library like listings by clicking the 'Return to Classic SHOUTcast ' tab (Near the top right, just below the adverts).

If you don't already have this set, see if that helps.

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Hello UJ,

Ok, In fact, this make Over is even worse for a screen reader user :-). Switching to the old classic style is in fact the style which causes problem. My wish is to return to the old, old classic shoutcast style, as we had in winamp 2.x. Do you know of of something to do or do I have to stuck with this new styles? In fact, it's a pain to navigate in this browser style. Before, we had a listview in which we just had to choose the stream and hit enter. Now, it's usable, but it talkes really longer to find a station, and when the station is found, hitting enter on the station name doesn't produce any results.

Anyway, thanks for your kind answer.

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Try installing the Shoutcast Station Browser plugin from Oddsock. It will add basic SHOUTcast browser to the Media Library that is similar to the pre Winamp 5.2 SC browser. It won't be listed within the Online Services header. There will be a Shoutcast Station Browser item near the bottom of the Media Library directory tree.

I have moved your thread to the SHOUTcast Site Design section of the forums.

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Thanks a whole bunch! Exactly what I was looking for. I know the similar icecast plugin from oddsock but not this one! now, I hope that the shoutcast website won't be modified too much to allow this plug-in to parse it correctly.

Thanks again Ujay and Jonny.
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