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How to report a SHOUTcaster who fakes ratings

I've read that SHOUTcast has some rules due how it is used, and I know that using some cheating techniques in order to increase ratings/stats are not good ethics.

These guys are our competitors, usually with less than half our rating, but in order to obtain sponsorhips they "inflate" ratings by openning several windows of their player in the same computer. As you can see at this moment, they have 44 unique listeners, but over 600 simultaneous connections.

They also fake thousands of facebook accounts to increase LIKES in their facebook page. ( but that is another story)

Is this the proper channel to report these guys???
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Mike, there are a lot of stations-owners who are cheating themself but hey - who cares? Everyone who is hosting a own radio knowns the organic flow. Stations, which have every time a constant count of listeners, that is simply not possible with a organic flow. Try to lough about it.

But simultaneous connections can be created by a not-well confed proxy. That means someone is using a proxy to let tune in the listeners and then all connections will come from only one IP and in this case it creates simultaneous connections.

Anyway. Make you station unique with a great music selection, a well-sorted/coded website, organized social-media channels - instead of making others bad when you doesn't know how their station setup works.
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