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Does winamp stream local file?
I need to know that for decenly listen to remote mp3s that i find in a mapped drive m:\ in my work PC that points to a HD on a server.
The decoder streameng buffer doesn't work
And why winamp doesn't look if the mp3 is not really local?
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crosspost. not cool.
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Not only that, but I can't seem to make any sense of it anyway !?!

A most uncool and ambiguous crosspost !
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Sorry for crosspost I didn't mean to be invadent but it's a serius thing for me, very important.
I am talking about prebuffering because I find my mp3s in a drive m:\ on my pc that is in a LAN connected to a server, where I have a lot of space (something that I don't have in my PC).
When there is a lot of traffic the music stops and goes on all the time.
The buffer that is in the codec streaming doesn't work, do you know why?
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Jammy - install apache on the server (even if it's NT), make sure that the apache server can serve up mp3s. I was in exactly the same situation, and I made some PHP that lets me browse my entire MP3 collection (still aranged in folders), select individual MP3s (or multiple files), then click a play button, and it dynamically generates a m3u file, and sends that to WinAmp. I find it infinately easier than using local files, plus other people can listen in too (only on the intranet, though).

Any questions, just ask - dave.kingdon@ukonline.co.uk
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