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SHOUTcasting for fun + Copyright law?

Hey. I have used SHOUTcast in the past for various reasons, both broadcasting and listening. Without going into a whole sob story, I have a show on a legit FM (at a university) which may or may not end soon, pushing me back to the ranks of the Internet and SHOUTcast.

That is no problem for me, since my show is a talk show. I ditched our all of our music -- any problems were sidestepped. Now that I'm back, I've begun to wonder. On top of that, I am thinking of inviting our timeslot-mates to join us in the realm of SHOUTcast. The server I'm moving to can probably support 24/7 streaming, and I'd love the programming.

The problem is... their show is a Hip Hop show. For that reason, I've begun reading up on copyright law. It seems a lot has gone down in 2009 with webcasting and royalties and whatnot. Here is some of the stuff I've read that piqued my interest:

A lot on http://swcast.net/

From what I understand, royalties now are (or soon will be) tied to a percentage of revenue. Is that correct? That's where I feel like my case is a little bit more unique from what is being covered in this literature. My site/station will have NO REVENUE, and will be done for fun and experience alone. Am I free from fees? I don't have "at least" $500 to spend on royalties for a site which I have no intention of profiting from.

I tried to go to the "http://www.jplprogram.com/" website to calculate what it would cost me, but they're down. Their Google cached page didn't give me a total when I filled out their calculation form. I'm unsure of my status with licensing, and if I even need one.

Am I to understand I'm exempt from fees as a revenue-free station? Do I even still have to register to make my presence known? Am I NOT free from fees? If not, why?

I searched on here for things written about this before, and came up mostly empty. I'm sorry if this has already been asked.


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Best place to ask is www.loudcity.net as they are licensing gurus as opposed to most of us are just shoutcast geeks.
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I'd go with swcast.net. Here is how I calculated my tier:

Figure worst case scenario (At All Times) to avoid a suprise bill in the future. Here is how I figured my TLH (With the help of KWD Services). I have 10 slots. Now figure 240 TLH for 24 hrs that day. Now multiply that by 31. To make it simple you'll need 8,000 TLH/Mo for every 10 listener slots at $13/mo. So 20 listener slots will cost you $26/Mo for your swcast.net license. 30 listeners would be $13x3 and so on. 100 slots would be 13x100=$1,300/Mo. As a hobby station you'll probably want to stick to 10-20 listeners unless you have a huge wallet. This does not include the price of a server/Month. A good rule of thumb is $1 to $1.50 per listener slot at 128K. If you broadcast music in less than 128K (unless your are Top40/Rap) will sound like cow dung so if your a Classic Rock/Progressive Rock station you'll get an absolute zero listener/hr as a guarantee since Progressive Rock fans are the utmost picky of audiophiles. I've heard Progressive Rock stations broadcast at 320K and a server hosting 320K would most likely cost you $2 per listener slot. 10 listeners may cost you $20-30/Mo plus license. It sounds like your a Rap station in which listeners only care about base. Therefore you can get by at 64K stereo Mp3 or maybe even 56K and you can get a server really cheap. Rap listeners will listen to a 24K Mono Mp3 and won't even notice. I'd try 24K Mono of your on a budget and maybe try the FREE shoutcast server which you can run yourself for any Hobby Rap station.

FREE yourself from the shackles of Top40 and Rap!

Great Broadcasting Software Windows XP/7/8

For Progressive Rock, Classic Rock http://thelegacy.shorturl.com
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