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Play music from shell?


I've have a shoutcast server on a dedicated server.
I always play music from my pc to the server, but sometimes i need to close my pc, so i can't play.

Could i upload some music tracks to my server (where shoutcast server is) and with someway to play them from there?
Which program could i run in console mode and which linux player supports shoutcast's dj addon?

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On Demand

How can I do On Demand Content
The traditional way to On Demand is putting a playlist file up on a webserver that points to an audio file. Then link to the Playlist file, anytime someone clicks on the link their player will auto spawn and start playing the music or audio.

Traditional On Demand with MP3
1. Upload the audio file to your webserver.
2. Right click on the eject button in Winamp and then choose "Open Location"
3. Type in the URL for the file that you just uploaded.
4. Once the content plays successfully from your website in Winamp, Open the Playlist Editor and click on the "List Opt" button.
5. Click "Save List"
6. In the dialog box name your Playlist and click save.
7. Upload the *.m3u or *.pls file playlist to your website
8. Make an anchor tag that links the HTML page to the Playlist file.

This option is great because you can use the bandwidth of your Webhost rather than your own, however be careful that you do not exceed the maximum allowed Transfer per month with your webhost, mp3's are not bandwidth friendly. Be sure to review your webhosts policy on MP3 as well, some make it difficult to host MP3 files because of the stigma they have as a Copyright infringement tool.

If for some reason the playlist file's contents are displayed rather then downloaded to the player. Your webhost's MIME Types are not setup to handle the M3U or PLS audio playlist format, in this case you need your host to add these types to your webserver's configuration. If you have access to your MIME types File, you need to add the following lines:

audio/x-mpegurl m3u
audio/x-scpls pls

If you do not have access to your MIME Types file, then your webhost may allow you to create a file called .htaccess and put it in the directory that contains that file format. IMPORTANT: Messing with this file and deleting existing lines or not inputing the lines into the file properly will cause a 500 Server Error on your webserver, please make proper backup copies of any existing .htaccess files before attempting this.

Open your .htaccess file and add the following lines:
AddType audio/x-mpegurl m3u
AddType audio/x-scpls pls

Save the .htaccess file to the directory that has the pls or m3u file inside it.
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First of all thanks for your quick reply oztec.

I tried what you said and everything works fine, but I saw that each user is going to listen different song the same time and also if someone be disconnected, he has to listen the playlist from the begin. I would like to be more like shoutcast server, where everyone listen the same song the same time.

Isn't there any way to do that i said? To have a player which supports console (like mplayer) with a addon to connect it with shoutcast server and everything that i play through the player (a playlist with local mp3 files), to be listened to listeners through shoutcast server.

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use sc_trans. It is in the "be a dj" section of the shoutcast website.
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thanks both
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dose the path to the mp3 files have to be within the same directory as sc_trans say i have sc_trans in /shout would the mp3 files have to be in /shout/media
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