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Your Plug-in Wish List Goes Here..

I searched thru hug a plug-in for a place to just wish for a plug-in and well there isn’t one so.....here it is.

I have a few I've been thinking of,

One how about a Frequency range DSP, something that will just play the select range (numerical control) of any given music file. This would make tuning your speakers to your enclosure (room) and ears very easy.
Especially for those whom have component systems that want to get more then a preset. It would also be nice if it could be 2-4-5-6 channel switch able. With each channel being able to have a different frequency control and cut off, maybe with sub mid and high separation and channel fading to single out certain speakers. Also cancellation of individual frequency numbers. {Example say your frequency response on-axis is +2 dB from 115Hz to 20KHz} Now wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cut out 160Hz to 180Hz while leaving the rest full range. Just being able to cut out that certain mid bass, high or low frequency by actually pin pointing the frequency range it doesn’t perform in and just remove that section. Much better then an E.Q. especially if its able to do this for multiple ranges per channel. I would pay for that, shit id stay up nights testing it.
I am sure more ideas could be added to this, just tryin to keep it simple. I would write these my self but I lack the brilliance of you developers. {the sound of DJ ROACH kissing ass}

Next I was thinking about a input and output stacker, I know that’s probably not very easy and probably wont work with most, but it would be nice to use a few different outputs at once as well as some very useful inputs all configure able from winamp.

A plug that can print your play list with name-type-size-stereo mono channels-Hz-bits, basically all mp3 info with out file location in a nice printable numbered list (numbered to match the play list numbering)

A DSP source for shoutcast with a stacker incorporated into it.
It would be nice if you could have it all in one the server, source & stacker.

A small plug-in that records every thing you do in winamp, along with the resulting errors and miscellaneous information.

Last but not leased, a voice control for winamp, I’ve seen remotes, palm pilots, IR, hotkey, multimedia even COM control. But no voice control. Something simple just basic commands, skip, play, stop, pause, shuffle, and maybe mute. User definable voices for those commands listed above. I am not sure how hard that would be, it would make skipping songs and such much much much more easy when playing games or typing and trying not to loose your train of...umm..Type...

If those plug-ins are already out and about, VERY COOL if you know of them let me know. These are just ideas for plug-ins I’ve had in recent days. Normally I have a couple ideas a day but usually can’t remember them until I am in the same situation again.

I am interested in what others want in a plug-in, and what others think of my ideas.

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