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I download white cap used it and hit the open and closed brackets and parentheses to alter the volitility of the plug in. Suddenly I could not get back to the original default. The plug in zoomed out by who knows how far. I deleted white cap and its plugins and donwloaded a new version. This didn't work. I tried it again, and tha didn't work. I tried uninstallnig winamp and reloading it and then installing a new version of white cap and that didn't work. Finally I gave up and have decided to use SONIQUE music mp3 player. you definately should check out your competition. Their player offers three view modes, a large, medium, and minimized. There skins are out of this world, they must have been made by aliens. Their equalizer is twice as big with presets that winamp doesn't have. You guys at winamp may think that because you are funded by mega co AOL that you automatically rule. The business industry, especailly the digial one is based on a meritocracy. Their products obviously given their consumers more. you need to merge winamp and sonique or at least come out with a new version of winamp that at least looks as good as sonique. take these opinons to heart, they are a culumination of an entire university
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