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SHOUTcast Bug or ?


I have my SHOUTcast Server running at: http://radionlinechile.servemp3.com and I detected something strange

for example if you open the link on Internet Explorer, it show the main SHOUTcast Server properly


but if you use other browser, for example Opera, it show strange symbols

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the 'gibberish' is the DNAS trying to stream to Opera as it doesn't match the checks done to decide what to do when accessing the root page of the DNAS (which if accessed by a client is meant to stream).

i've only tried it with Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and some random one on linux distro during development so it's not too surprising if Opera is doing something else from the rest of the browsers.

i guess i'll have to look up what Opera's agent string is and add in an Opera specific check for the next release.

ok, just fixed it internally though i've only tested against the current release of 'opera' but should be safe on older versions as well from what i can tell.

though looks like i need to do some more testing as the authhash management pages don't seem to work in Opera.

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as a follow up, Opera doesn't support CORS on XMLHttpRequest calls (at least it doesn't appear to from what i can tell / find). this basically means Opera won't work with the in-DNAS authhash management pages.

am going to amend the authhash helper thread and also add in some extra checks with the in-DNAS pages to better cope with such a scenario *joy*

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