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Linux Line-in

Long time user, first time poster,

Thank you.

I am not new to linux, but I do not consider myself a guru.
I am also not new to shoutcast, although I am setting up my first shoutcast server in something like 5 years.

I have sc_serv config'd and sc_trans config's everything work except the sc_trans will only transcode the mic input and not the line input no matter what I try.

I have been through the forum, and everything I could fine in a search is from 2004, I think the info is out of date.

Here is a copy of my sc_trans_capture.conf:
captureinput=line input
I have 2 sound cards in this machine running ubuntu 10.04, so in my /dev/ I have audio and audio1 also dsp(1) and mixer(1).

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong.

Any advise, or an pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,
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never having actually tried out the code on the linux builds of the transcoder, it's possible that it's broken / incompatible with ubuntu which i'm sure i read somewhere changed the way that it does line-in devices (though i could be remembering fud).

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Ok, I will look throught the release notes, thanks for giving me something to go off of..

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