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Problem PUP in Winamp 5.65

Hello Winamp Team

I'm using Winamp for several years. Because I think it is one of the better reader for music.
I also use WMP 12 and VLC but for video. And MPC-HC to read the files that Winamp can't read.
For Example : Winamp can read Flac files but it can't read Flac 24 bits.
I'm trying to search but I found no plugin To read Flac 24 bits. So I use MPC-HC

1°- could you do something for this problem?

2°- I actually use Winamp V 5.63 - I tried to update to the 5.65 Version but my anti virus
ESET nod 32 scratches Winamp 5.65 exe when downloaded.
And it is registred as a PUP OpenCandy.
I successfully donloaded it but malwarebytes antimalwares also indicated that Winamp 5.65contains a dangerous file : PUP Open Candy and recommand to suppress it.
I did it by security and I stay on the old version 5.63.

Could you do something to avoid/adress this problem?

Thanks from a long-time user.
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Hi My_Call,

1) Don't know what the latest 24 bit flac support is, someone else may be able to help you there.

2) Open Candy is some sort of AOL nonsense that is bundled with Winamp.
If you go ahead and install Winamp 5.65 you will find a page in the installer where this can be declined. There is no problem with Winamp itself.
Eset is sometimes known to have problems unpacking the NSIS installer, but if you download from an official site there should be no risk.

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That PUP is in part of the installer that is out of the hands of the Winamp Devs. Someone at AOL wraps up the installers with all kinds of weird applications. Gawd only knows where they get them from.

The important thing is, make sure you ONLY download your Winamp installer from this winamp.com website and you will be safe.

As long as you pay attention during installation and say NO to the "recommended" software and options at the end of the installation then you will avoid the junk.

You may need to temporarily disable the paranoid Malwarebytes to complete the install. And to reassure yourself, scan the system afterwards and you will see all is fine.

Remember - PUP is not a virus as such, just Potentially Unwanted Program. And as the option in the installer allows you to choose not to have it, you can avoid the thing.

This has often been brought up in discussion around this forum as a strange idea from AOL as to why they put some of these dodgy products in, but the Winamp guys have no control over that...

As to FLAC - pretty sure it is all now using the very latest FLAC libraries. It was mention in one of the changelogs about updating libraries only a fwe months back.

Have you remembered to tick the "Allow 24bit" option in Preferences \ General Preferences \ Playback \ Playback tab? And you will also need a soudn card that can handle 24bit.
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Originally Posted by ujay View Post
2) Open Candy is some sort of AOL nonsense that is bundled with Winamp.
it's a 3rd party solution which has had some issues in the past (mainly due to poor choice of products offered by it) and which is sadly needed to help cover some of the bills (irrespective of what detriment to the image it has caused Winamp *shrugs* ).
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