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Excellent DSP combo

MuchFX2 is a DSP stacker that allows you to use >1 plug-in.

iZotope Ozone Free breathes life to dull mp3's and takes the edge off by simulating analog/tube sonic characteristics. It sweetens the sound, restores harmonics, adds bass punch, and expands the soundstage a bit. And when set to the subtle analog modeling mode, it sounds fairly realistic and agreeable. Highly recommended.

Speakers Simulator takes care of that typical "2 balls of sound in the head" effect from earphones and creates a more seamless, out-of-the-head, precise, and realistic soundstage. Similar to the HRTF processing found in expensive headphone amps like those made by HeadRoom and PortaCorda. I recommend lowering the crossfeed for most music to about 40% -- the default 70% tends to be too strong for all but the most extreme stereo separation (like some of the Beatles songs). Works well with iZotope Ozone Free. Highly recommended.

Sennheiser MX400 (<$15) minibud earphones are better than any minibuds this side of the $80 Sony fontopias. Add +2.9 dB @ 60Hz and use the above 2 DSP's for best sound.
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I like alien dsp - the best with stereo boost function - try it!
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