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ActiveWinamp Crashes Winamp

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post ActiveWinamp questions, so if not, please forgive me.

I have been working with the ActiveWinamp plugin and have been extremely happy with its performance. However, I have just noticed one potential bug.

If you attempt to use the .PlayList.DeleteIndex method within the ChangedTrack event, it will crash WinAmp. I'm not sure if this is a problem with WinAmp itself, or if there is a problem with ActiveWinamp.

Anybody else experience this problem/know a fix?

I would like to be able to clear playlist items if they are > 25 items behind the currently playing item.
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I think this may be because deleting an item causes a changetrack event, and the playlist positions and filenames etc are different so it causes a recursion. Detecting track changes in winamp is a PITA, so it wouldn't surprise me.

I may just modify AW to use more simple track change event detection which is less compatabile with older versions. I plan on re-writing it for Unicode Winamp and dropping the backwards compatability anyway.
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Thanks a lot for the quick reply, and even more thanks for the fantastic plugin.

I have gotten my program to delete playlist items as required by moving the DeleteItem call to the ChangedStatus event and checking to see that WinAmp is playing...et voila! No more crashing. Luckily the status changes even when WinAmp is switching songs, so this effectively works the same as putting the call in ChangedTrack.

Not sure if that will help you debug the problem or not, but it might provide a clue.

Also, I notice that calling SendMessage with IPC_PE_DELETEINDEX from within the ChangedTrack event crashes WinAmp, but perhaps ActiveWinamp just uses that call as well, so naturally they would both crash.

Thanks again for a great job with ActiveWinamp!
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