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Winamp is (more than) just Awesome?

I'm really enjoying winamp, just felt like someone had to say it. It's just really GOOD.
-Cool sytle
-Easily navigatable libraries
-Wide format support
-Very customisable
-"Edit metadata for selection" <3

What developers have seemingly forgotten is that the more options you give the people using your software the BETTER it is. I cant use Itunes for instance I think its a piece if crap program and have to quit if using it more than one minute out of frustration.

I know it sounds like im bias but i wan't really expecting to love winamp this much, a friend reccomended and i thought i'd take a look and couldn't use anything els since...
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Plug-ins for Winamp, make the possibilities endless also.
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Winamp is the best media player, not only because of the visualizer, also because of the very good media library (the other media player are very confusing). But also the diversity of the 3rd-party-plugins, 3rd-party-skins and 3rd-party-visualizer is very fascinating. No other media player has such a diversity.

Winamp came out 1997. I myself began with Winamp on 22nd July 2010. But I want to see Winamp also 10 & 20 years later and also, if I am an old grandma...

Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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All of the above. The WA gang don't get enough kudos for an excellent player. Nothing else comes close. Nothing.

Cheers, Pete

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Heh, I just realized that most of my new software development has been going to Winamp related things. That's another indicator.
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Totally agree with that. I have used Winamp for 10 years and want to use it for 10 or more years.
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I agree also. What i find really funny is all the tech experts saying its old and there are other newer better players to use. And i tried some of the ones they were talking about. Not one of them was better. All of them had trouble finding album art of correct tags even made dupes of files. I have never had those issues with Winamp.
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I agree.. Lots of Kudos to everybody involved in making Winamp what it is today... And what it will be in the future. I've been using Winamp since early 2.0 versions.. Still a daily user today.
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Love Winamp. Always have
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I used it in the last ten days of it's life before the shutdown.
Switched to it from foobar2000.

I'm glad you found it, It is easy to see how bear iTunes is once you use different software

Now iTunes does have skins but there is no support, E.G one could work on then break on
And a lot of the skins are OS relent E.G A skin designed on Mac will not work for Windows.

Now because of the good news, There are even more goodies coming your way xD
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I agree I have been using Winamp as my default music player for many years.

I also like the M3U playlists, which my phone supports as well.
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My player of choice.

I have used Winamp ever since I got into collecting mp3's back in 1997 and never stopped since then. Nothing comes close to the level of functionality it offers. I hate iTunes as well since it's bloated for one and also lacks in terms of features. I only have it to sync my iPhone's music and that's it.
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