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ExecWait Application Parameters Lowercase & Uppercase

Wow that was a hell of a title.

Anyways the problem I'm having is as following. (code)


ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\example.exe" /auto /path=$INSTDIR\Layout\Aust\ /dsn=$DSN /uid=username /pwd=MuLtICaSe'

With the very last parameter, being a password. The password has a mixture of lowercase and uppercase characters and as far as I have been able to figure out so far it's to do with not picking up the upper/lower case. I tested this on username and it would only show up in lowercase.

Any ideas?
I've tried pre-defined variables.
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Do you really think NSIS is changing the case? Without checking the source, I would guess that NSIS passes the string directly to CreateProcess() without even looking at it.

PHP Code:
!include "FileFunc.nsh"
!include LogicLib.nsh
var DSN
function .onInit
StrCpy $DSN TheDSN
StrCpy $instdir 
${GetParameters} $0
${GetOptions"$0" "/auto" $1
${If} ${Errors}
Exec '"$exepath" /auto /path=$INSTDIR\Layout\Aust\ /dsn=$DSN /uid=username /pwd=MuLtICaSe'
Messagebox mb_ok >>>$cmdline<<<

IntOp $PostCount $PostCount + 1
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I tried to PM you the code..

The text that you have entered is too long (8645 characters). Please shorten it to 3000 characters long.
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You can use pastebin.
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