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Hey You Old Bastids

Hey everyone,

It sure has been a while. Every now and then I feel the need to return here for a little while, check in on everyone, report back. The last time I visited at the time of this writing was 30th November, 2014 - a lot has happened since then. About four years' worth of stuff has happened since then, actually! Funny how that works.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned it last time, but since I have a brain like a sieve I may as well mention it again. Our very own forums user Raz & I split up years ago, sometime in 2012 if memory serves, although we're still friends. Haven't spoken to him in some time, but he's working on some browser based game, last I heard - so he's doing pretty well as I am to understand.

I went on and got a Bachelor's degree in Video Game Art (yeah, that's a thing you can get a degree in, who knew?) So I do 3D models and stuff now. I've done some work for some games, I have my name in a couple titles' credits.
I moved out into an apartment in West Yorkshire on my own a year ago, and I'm really enjoying the space to myself. I've never had the chance to live on my own before, always been with a partner or roommates so this has been a bit of an adventure! It's really nice and it does a lot for my mental state, I think.

I'm building up my portfolio and looking to work at a games/VFX house full time, but finding that kind of work is challenging and competitive, so I do a number of things freelance in the mean time that keep me afloat.

I'm returning to university in the autumn for some night classes to expand on my Japanese knowledge. If I push myself hard and really work for it, I can get a fluency qualification in a couple of years that will let me do localisation work. I'd be happy doing that full-time, even if it isn't art, it's solid work that pays pretty well. I tried applying for the police a while ago as some kind of Hail Mary attempt at getting involved with something I'm passionate about that isn't artwork. I got all the way through the various interviews and screenings, and then bottled the last interview. What a bummer, but now I'm focussing more on things that I already have a solid start in, like language skills.

I really miss Canada, and haven't been back since I left. I'll visit someday!

It was really sad to hear about Widdykats; I had been hoping to say hello to her as well and it's really surreal to think that she's actually gone. Is anybody else gone that I should know about? Time passing is a real thing and something I've started to become more aware of as I get a little bit older. I'm 30 in October, and when I registered in 2002 I was 14. I'm hoping to make my 30th year instrumental in setting things up for the rest of my life to go well!

So how about all of you? What's been going on?
What changes have happened in your life recently?
I know that ryan has had some significant life changes recently - he and I still keep in touch too from time to time. How's the crew?

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Glad to see you got your account straightened out.

I've been pretty scarce around here for a while myself, but it's good to see a familiar person come back. I've been trying to stop by here at least once a week if only for a quick peek.

For me, I'm counting the days until I can quit my job and move out of Houston. Been here for over 9 years, and things aren't getting any better. The cost of living here has been rising at a ridiculous rate, but my paycheck hasn't. My job responsibilities have gotten absurd. The traffic around Houston has steadily been getting worse since I moved here. I had to sell my old truck a while back because I couldn't afford to keep it. I've been single for around 2 years now because I failed my relationship. Had to have back surgery because of a herniated disc in my spine last year, and I still have lingering back pain. At least I haven't had any more cancer yet, so that's nice.

I'm hoping that when the lease agreement on my apartment is finished in November, I can move to Louisiana or maybe even Mississippi so that I can be closer to my family. I think just moving out of Houston will be good for me, regardless of where I go.
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Thank you for the share!
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Thank you for checking back in. It is nice to know that members of the past are still ok although I wish I could've said goodbye to Widdy.

I've got a 6-year-old girl now (as a daughter, of course... my wife is much closer to my age). My daughter dances multiple times per week in our living room in front of a TV with good ol' Winamp and Milkdrop on it. To this day, nothing can top Winamp, even after all these years of technology growth. But, when you really think about it, no online people have ever topped the Winamp Forums people either. Cheers.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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who you calling "old"?
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Thank you share !
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