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Please use the "Music" folder!

I've noticed that there is no option in Settings to specify which folders on the SD card Winamp uses. This causes two very frustrating problems:

First: When it synchronizes music, it clutters up my root directory with artist folders. I use my phone for several purposes, it's not "just" a music player. This clutter gets to be a pain in the butt when I need to locate a file on my SD card, for instance if I need to email my resume to someone on short notice. For example, the other day I had to email out a copy of my resume on short notice. All that extra clutter in the root directory made it take MUCH longer than it should have to scroll down to the folder that I keep it in. Not the end of the world, I did get the email sent, but it's enough of an annoyance to make me use a different music player.

Second: I store my music in the "Music" folder. Winamp searches for music files across the entire SD card. This creates annoying clutter when selecting music to play. I want my music to show up in my music player. I want my audio books to show up in my audio book player. And I don't want my ring tones showing up in either one. Currently the Winamp interface is extremely cluttered with audio books and ring tone files.

Both of these problems could be easily fixed by simply allowing us to select which folder on the card Winamp looks at. Even for beta software, this is a common sense UI feature. Leaving it out make the app seem very "amateur hour".....

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