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Hey guys,

I am entering an area you are probably sick of, so if you have your mind closed to the idea of opensource please don't read more :P

Some years ago, I was an windows user - of course I was, Windows had everything I needed, and for the developers its obvious the most profitable option available - but right now I only use it for matlab and very little games and I run it on a virtual box.
From the beginning of my early computer ages I've been using winamp and I was very proud of it, I refused to use WMP knowing that there was a much better player out there, winamp. You have no ideia how the disappointment hit me once I knew winamp wasn't available for linux...and I am not the only one thinking like that for sure.
You see, I am not talking about skins or anything like that, for that I would be happy with xmms, the fact is, it sucks. I prefer to use VLC than xmms for too many reasons for me to express here.
Sure, winamp is beautiful and I love the visualisation plug-ins but what really turned me and others on was the database and the interface, it was beautifully quick and, most importantly, it was so easy to use you could do one nice playlist in just a few seconds. Another good thing was the shoutcast radio.
Unfortunately, I know you will never develop for linux, I know its really hard to port something like winamp (dependent on windows API) and get it to run on linux. I know developers have enough work just trying to keep up with the constantly changing microsoft software...
Although you won't develop for linux systems, there is an easy way to release an older simpler version for linux, isn't it? You should get some voting online and check how many people would love to have the best player on their computer.

Manuel Levi
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Have you tried running Winamp on Linux with Wine?
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