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4G Nano album art query?

Having problems getting my new 4g nano (8gb) to show album art (during 'now playing') and thumbnail for TV shows (not sure if this is a feature?).

Cover flow is working on all albums I have added.

All music and tv folders tagged with mp3 tag. All three boxes in cover art preferences ticked.

On the screen saver along the bottom of the main menu the images are all messed up also.

Not that I use this much but the photos I added show as thumbnails but when I press 'enter' the screen goes black.
They also don't show on when you are on photos on the main menu.

Am using win amp 5.541 with ml ipod 3.06p07.

Have been using ml ipod for a number of years now but after having read previous threads re the new nano was surprised to encounter these problems.

Any ideas?

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oh yeah, apple messed it up badly with the 4g nano
What firmware version do you have? Did you try a full refresh all album art already?

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Restored the ipod, upgraded to 1.0.2 and then re-added music and video. All works fine now.

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How do you
1 check your 4G nano's firmware?
2 update the firmware?

My album art does not display. Winamp is my player, but I use another programme - MusicMatch v8 - solely for encoding the album art. I like how it allows the art to be added into the file, unlike the sperate jpg file that winamp uses. I use Winamp for my computer to iPod file transfer.

My Nano 3G displayed album art correctly with my setup.

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All firmware operations require iTunes. No third-party software supports updating firmware.

And watch out with embedded art; it'll take up a ton of space on your iPod. That's why folder.jpg is generally recommended: It saves space because it only stores the cover once per album. Using embedded art duplicates the artwork for every song.

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