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Distorted/Overdrived equalizer in ipod classic

Some of you might have noticed that the ipod classic equalizer produces an extremely overdrived/distorted signal when applying it to certain music that is already mastered at a high volume level (don't know if older ipod models also suffer from this bad equalizer).
Obviously the equalizer does not reduce the signal before applying the equalizer or it has absolutely no room left in its audio engine to boost the signal (most of the EQ presets on the ipod boost the signal at certain frequencies)
Try e.g. EQ profile "R&B" or "Rock" on such audio files.

I found out that applying replaygain/soundcheck does not help because the ipod's audio-engine obviously first applies the equalizer (which leads to a distorted signal) and AFTERWARDS applies soundcheck value which possibly reduces the gain, resulting in a still distorted but low volume output

I can circumvent the EQ problem however by applying mp3gain to my critical songs as this will lower the gain BEFORE the ipod applies its equalizer, resulting in a "normal" not-distorted sound.
In the wiki I have read that ml_ipods mp3gain feature (to apply mp3gain to all songs on the ipod) is not needed anymore as replaygain can be used instead.
I would like to see however the ability to apply mp3gain to certain songs on my ipod only.
Currently ml_ipod allows to do that only on the whole ipod (which took around 5 hours on my pc/ipod). I would like to apply mp3gain however only to my "problematic" content.

After speaking with the apple hotline a recommended workaround was to apply EQ settings in itunes and have them transmitted to the ipod upon sync. I've no clue where the ipod stores per-song-based EQ settings (obviously not in the mp3 files/id3 tags), but if it would be possible to sync a certain value of the pregain fader found in the itunes eq this could solve the problem too.

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