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How do i make a text file of my playlist??

Hi, i'm wondering for a while now how i make a text file of all the files selected in my playlist, i used to do it before with winamp, it made me an .html file with a nice layout and all the song tittle's and stuff in it but i've forgotten how and can't find it with winamp 3, if someone could help me or knows another program to do this...
(to be sure... I don't wanna save/load a playlist! but have a page with the song tittle's in it to put on my website...)

Thank you verry verry much if you could help me...
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Look it up

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That is a feature that is not native to Winamp3. If you still want to use the soon-to-be unsupported Winamp3, you can install the Playlist Guardian component, which will generate an HTML playlist for you.

Quoted directly from the Winamp3 FAQ...
How do I make a HTML Playlist?
This feature is currently missing form Winamp3 1.0 but will be included in the next release. For now you can try Playlist Guardian or w3conv100.
BUT... Winamp3 is no more. There will no NO MORE releases, regardless of what the quote says above. Winamp3 is now effectively dead (although Wasabi development "should" continue - maybe not though) and Winamp3 will be removed from Winamp.com very soon. There will be no further support for Winamp3. All Winamp3 forums (including this one) will be locked and archived for read-only purposes (legacy support). We will no longer actively support Winamp3.

All development has been and will continue to go into Winamp 5.0 (the direct upgrade from Winamp 2.x). Winamp 5.0 supports both Winamp 2.x skins and Winamp3 skins (now referred to as "modern" skins), along with many other great features that Winamp3 had.

So, I suggest that you uninstall Winamp3 and instead install Winamp 5.0.
When you download Winamp 5.0, go ahead and download a current release candidate of Winamp 5.0 (until the final public release comes out, at which time you can upgrade). A current release candidate of Winamp 5.0 is linked to in this discussion thread.

If you prefer, you can instead install a somewhat later release candidate of Winamp 5.0 than the one I linked to above. A later release candidate was "leaked" to the public and can be downloaded via the link in the first post in this thread > Winamp 5.0rc10

To generate an HTML playlist in Winamp 5.0, there is no extra component or plugin to install (as would be needed in Winamp3). Just click on the "Misc" button in the Playlist Editor > Misc > Generate HTML playlist

Alternatively, while the Playlist Editor window is in focus, press hotkey combo CTRL+ALT+G (as you had previously done in Winamp 2.xx)

See attached screenshot (html-playlist.gif)

*Note: If you are a Winamp3 "die-hard" and decide to keep Winamp3 installed and you also want to install Winamp 5.0, make certain that you do not install Winamp 5.0 within your current Winamp3 directory. Winamp 5.0 is a direct upgrade from Winamp 2.xx and is a separate program requiring installation within its own folder (or within your existing Winamp 2.xx folder if you just want to upgrade).

/edit (Dec 11, 2003)
The LATEST release candidate of Winamp 5.0 is now available. This will "probably" be the last one offered for download in the forums until Winamp Final is officially publicly released.

Get it here > Winamp 5.0rc666 here

Don't email or PM me concerning Winamp. Instead, either start a NEW TOPIC or post a REPLY in the appropriate thread in these forums. This will also benefit others who may have a similar question or problem. But before posting, please first Search the forums and read all FAQs and all Sticky threads.

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