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Sprite with more then one Image


it is possible, to start a sprite with the numpad, and after this started sprite fades out, a new sprite is automaticilly load?

I Mean, i got 12 sprites defined, i want to shown them all after the one before, without clicking numpad01, numpad02 and so on.

Thanks for your Helps.
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Most important feature request

Rename this request to something more appetizing.
Something like Video sprites, Video feed, Image sequence...

and bump it to Numero Uno babyyyyy...
This is by far the most important and game-changing feature needed in Milkdrop.

This will take us on a journey to the edge of our Universe. And let us warp and blend the shit out of it, in actual live motion!!! This feature FTW!

P.S. I understand some dude has come up with a way to break video into a .png sequence and load it into RAM, then call the images consecutively as sprites... "LightMaestro" the tool's called. I don't know, the website is down.
Besides, this is obviously something that belongs INSIDE Milkdrop.
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