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Well i tried to recompile everything but in the Shoutcast.jar there must be something Change,too.
Red5 changes the code from


and also

change the "web.scope" bean class to

<bean id="web.scope" class="org.red5.server.scope.WebScope" init-method="register">

instead of this

<bean id="web.scope" class="org.red5.server.WebScope" init-method="register">

which is not that Problem

the Java files aren't a Problem, but I can't change the jar, there are only .class files in it ;(

Maybe you get a heart and would do a last update for it ? Please

Even there is a maybe minor - maybe major Problem : Adobe Flash got a new command called "starttransmit" but Red5 latest version can handle it now
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Hallo DJ,

Hier findest du die Sourcen.

(Translation: Here are the sources).

But NSV is dead in my oppinion, eventhough Red5.
I've spend hours of NSV / Flash research, i used Red5, Xuggler, Smelters sources, but after 3 years i couldn't produce anything really stable with transcoding nsv to flash on the fly. I also wrote a distributer, which spreads one rtmp stream (transcoded from nsv) to several red5 servers, but none of this was stable enough for business products.

After all i switches to wowza, which is the best choise, because nobody seems to use or develop red5/xuggler anymore.
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