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5.581 free version, enqueue not working


In trying not to put a ton of stuff on the computer for DJing there was something I had unclicked during install. I am thinking it was the winamp agent.
Could have been many things.
Fresh install and allowing agent made it work. (and a few other things too)

Looked on known issues for latest build and do not see it listed.

I dj with winamp and my 4 year old laptop just died (with my 5 year old winamp on it)

new laptop, new winamp....

well...enqueue does not work from windows explorer...goes right to playing it and clearing list

went through all menus and have tried selecting, deselecting, restarting, etc...it will not work.

I am looking now for my very old winamp version (hope it runs on windows 7...)

The reason for enqueue for me is in case of an accident while drag/dropping and double clicking instead.

is anyone else experiencing this?

OS: windows 7, 64 bit
winamp: 5.581
free version
nothing added to install...just the normal install, no special plugins or anything.

could it be something I did not install as part of a custom install or something?-

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by the way...been doing this with winamp since 1997-98.

Only problems I ever had were two..

1) the crossfade plugins...all of them, old and new, have never worked worth a darn. Not a single one of them. Not one ever. They all bug out after a few songs.

2) that one version that included the trojan virus or whatever back around 97 I think...only time ever had to reformat and reinstall due to a virus.

I still dj with winamp. (not a mix club, so no mixing stuff needed.)

All the other djs now use Virtual dj, serato, and all that stuff....me, I am old school and freak them out with winamp..love it.

but this bug is a killer...

and please, for the love of god, add a plug in that adds 'x' lines of blank space at end of list so I can stop having to 'remove' the list played all day long (play about 180 songs.)
x- user defined number of lines...
Prevents running out of space when drag/dropping files.
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I was able to use the 'allow multiple instances' and could use that to stop it.

the old winamp I use handled multi instance different. If I double clicked a file in explorer while multi instance was 'checked' it would open a new program for each file.

This version will not open a second or third, etc, winamp...and that is cool I guess.

By adding a second winamp, I could one to dj and just minnimize the other. It appears any double clicking will just clear and play in one winamp and not both..Thus the other instance could be perfect for preventing a 'clear' list.

however, it just seems odd to do that, rather the item worked.

ps- my old, very old version...the last 3 I have where pro versions. I think the one I had on the laptop was older than 5 years though...
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