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Screen re-draw issues

Hello All,

I'm having a problem with Winamp not always successfully refreshing parts of the screen. This may well be a system problem, though I haven't noticed it with any other software.

Running Winamp 5.666, Bento skin, Windows 7 with "Style Aero" theme, HP 2000 laptop.

Scenario: Typical display of media library content; simple view, maximized. My cursor is most often over album or title as I use it. Album names and track titles are often wider than their columns, so upon rollover, Winamp highlights and temporarily displays the whole field. Upon roll off, the entry will often remain highlighted and turn blank. Clicking on the entry, or scrolling off-screen and back on, will restore it. This is happening about half the time; otherwise it redraws successfully.

Also, the entire left-hand media library tree panel sometimes doesn't redraw properly. I can't pin down when exactly, but working with playlists can make it happen.

While I'm here, why does Winamp sometimes add "8" to the .m3u file extension of playlists? Doesn't seem to be a problem, just wondering.

Oh, one last trivial thing - how come the winamp window won't stay maximized? Mine keeps reverting to non-maximized, though I have that at almost full-screen, so it's not a huge deal.

Thanks for any suggestions,
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