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Odd buffering/pop/cracking problem

In winamp 3 I'll go into any shoutcast station, it'll play perfect for about 5 seconds then, re-buffer and it'll be cracking/popping, and it everyone two seconds after that it'll buffer.I just started having this problem recently, so it is unknown why its occuring.

I have a Sound Blast Live X-Gamer 5.1, Winamp B3, Cable ISP. And I've NEVER had this problem before. Listening to normal MP3's works perfectly.
Anyone know whats up with this?


One thing I should now point out, I've tested winamp 2.8 and shoutcast works no problem in it. I've also tried reinstalling winamp 3.

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The people in TS WA3 could probably help you more then we can here. Moving SC TS > TS WA3.

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I am getting this exact same thing. It happens to Winamp3 Beta 3 only.. 2.80 still plays the streams with ease. Sometimes it will also sound like skips in a CD.
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you can try making the buffer bigger

open winamp3

preferences (ctrl+p)-->http file reader-->change the buffer for your needs

if this doesn't work then you should stick to winamp2 for your streaming needs for now. Their might still be bugs in the decoder that I don't know about (till I can configure it).

heh... .ogg vorbis files don't stream at all with winamp3
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