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Morrwind - Ultimate Freedom

One of the most outstanding features in Morrowind is obviously the ability of ultimate freedom (or there about). the ability to go anywhere, do anything you want (and of corse these actions have reactions). and even after finishing the game, you can then go into The Elder Scrolls Construction Set and create your own areas, quests, and character classes. this leads to ulimited possibilities in game play, a feature highly sought after by gamers (well at least me).

I've been dreaming about a game that could offer this ability for quite some time, and while there are improvments to be made, this game offers it. though there is a storeyline to follow, it gives you the ability to wander off the path and explore other area's. basicly, you play the game, not it plays you. it allows you to go through the game at whatever pace you want and however you want, whether you want to be a law-abiding member of an imperial cult, a freelance adventurer, or a sly and shady theif, it's all up you.

anyway, the point of this thread is not expell my love for the game, but to see what the perfect is, or would be to you.
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