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Satellite Radio

I recently got XM radio, and it is pretty good. However, I find its selection quite pale compared to Shoutcast. Is there any way Shoutcast could become its own satellite station? As the producer of internet radio station kaos959.com, I know that my people would be willing to pay for space on a satellite (since there are thousands of stations on Shoutcast, space should be pretty cheap.) After that you could market the satellite radios that would pick up the signal, and then either provide the programming free and blow XM and Sirius out of the water, or go with the subscription thing and make money from both directions .
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A. AOL is not going to produce a hardware player in the forseeable future.
B. The cost of satellite radio would be prohibitively high. I asssume that XM and Sirius use their own equipment to broadcast.
C. A stream connects directly to the server afaik and is not proxied through a central server. Therefore, synchronizing all the streams would be hard and would require more equipment.
D. Shoutcast is NOT real time. It is buffered both on the server and client side.

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Just give it a little time. Wireless hi-speed Internet access is coming. Expensive at first, it will eventually become cheap. We'll see it in portable devices and even in automobiles. You'll be able to tune in your favorite Shoutcast stations without a problem.
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That would be pretty sweet. Mmmm Last.fm in the car.

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