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Developers -> Media Search Suggestion

Hi all,

I love winamp and am delighted to see its continued development. One little tweak I am surprised not to see in any new versions is an improvement I think might be good for the media library.

If I am in Local Media -> Audio for example and I type a search for.. for example


It takes just over 3 seconds on my machine because of the large library.

If I then go and narrow that down to say

"Jurassic Park"

It again takes just over 3 seconds.

If I use "Jurassic" and add the word "Park" to the filter I would expect the second stage, the filtering of "Park" to be almost instant as it only has to search through about 20 songs. This is not the case however.

My suggestion is something like the following be added to the searching code, aswell as the refinement code but obviously much more robust.

1) When a search is finished and a full result list is retrieved from the library and stored in memory.
2) When characters are added to the search box, or to the refine box, search for that refinement in the existing retrieved results list and not search the entire library again.
2 a) If a space is added as the first character in the additional search string, the newly typed words/letters can be searched for in the initial result.

i) Initial Result For-> "Jurassic"
ii) Type Space (search for nothing?) followed by P
iii) Only search in initial result for "P"

2 b) If any other characters are typed, the new word that is generated from adding the character/characters should be searched.

i) Initial Result For-> "Jurassic P"
ii) Type letter "a"
iii) Now only search in initial result for "Pa" is required.

Trying to think of a few instances when this might break the search, but I am sure you guys can figure all of those out. I am sure it can be refined even more to make massive improvements in speed.

This would be an absolute EXCELLENT addition. I don't feel it would be overly difficult or time consuming and I feel everyone will beneifit!

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