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I can play mp3's wav, midi, on the computer but i can't play a cd ----->this is probably not a winamp isue but this is the only place i can find help----->i tryed other apps but those wont play the cd either----->my speakers are not muted ...I ahve the right drivers installed for my sound card--->please help
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The old way to play CD was to connect an audio cable directly from the CD drive to the soundcard, this was handled in a separate channel of the mixer : CD (instead of Wave/DirectX).

Winamp and Windows CD Player still use this kind of reading, so you must check :
- The presence of the cable, and if its plugged in the CD internal input of the soundcard.
- That the CD channel is not muted in your volume control.

A more modern way is to use digital reading, if your drive can handle it properly. Sometimes people experience problems with this kind of reading.
Winamp in_CD_Reader plugin (see the plugins section), Windows Media Player 7, and KJoföl2000 perform it, then the CD is played as well as MP3s and wavs.

Hoping it helps

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thanks for the replypio 2001--->but didn't help much ----->my CD rom drive is a CDRW----->i have a cabel going from the cd rom to the sound card------>like i mentioned above i can put a cd in there with mp 3 and it will work fine -----i put a regular music CD and it starts playing it but no sound out of the speakers
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Try the TSGH Forum for detailed tips & diagrams.
Be sure to alter the "Show Topics from x Days" to 100 or more to ensure that all the threads are visible.
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