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NEED HELP: Error Insert 8007003 and "Could not create folder on device"

I need help with usb syncing on my device, each time i have to sync I have to restart my phone, computer, winamp, delete and reformat my sd card and then resync my entire library. If i add just one song to my 2000 song library and just want to sync it, it tells me it needs to sync 1500 songs and 64 songs on my device need to be delete (these numbers change randomly and having nothing to do with the actual number of songs on my device, which is zero, and the actual song on my library, which is 2000. The sync never works because of an error insert on almost every single song, so i get near empty playlist and winamp on my device shows unknown song and artist even though the sound (so the file) is the same. HOW can it possibly have such a tough time inserting songs? windows explorer does a better job, but winamp just does not work? Is there settings I need to set for my device or winamp sync, I already check sync all playlist and sync entire library, it just doesn't do it!
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It may help if you tell us which version of Winamp you are using. A list of pluggins. And more importantly which USB device you have.

When the device is plugged in, Check the preferences for it. In here you will find a page that lets you specify exactly where tracks should be placed as well as many other settings. Winamp does not know about every device out there, so it may need a little tweak here.

Preferences \ Mwedia Library \ Portables \ Name of Device.

Especially check the Advanced tab. My guess is it is using the wrong folder.
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